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August 2, 2019

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Outdoor Extravaganza: Deluxe Party




Your new patio has just been completed and you are finally ready to present it to the world. What better way to do it than to invite your friends and business associates over to a deluxe outdoor party. Naturally, there will be a lot of things that need to be perfectly prepared and organized in order for the party to present your new patio in the best light. To make sure that your deluxe theme is related to everything that goes on at the party, here are several suggestions on what to pay special attention to.




People whom you plan to invite must be aware of what the occasion is and what kind of atmosphere they are to expect. It would be somewhat embarrassing if anyone misunderstood the nature of the occasion and came unfit for the extravaganza that is going to welcome them. Therefore, elegant invitations are obligatory and a clear explanation of the nature of the party. For example, giving some details about the program or menu would be an elegant way of catching your guests’ attention.


Food and drinks


What good is a party if there are no food and drinks? Which type you should choose depends on the level of formality you wish your party to have. As for the deluxe factor, it can be high both when you serve delicate French wines or rare to find beers from Belgian Monasteries. As long as they are unique, you will not go wrong. The same applies for the food as well. Naturally, it needs to correspond to your drink selection and vice versa. In addition, how you serve them is of utmost importance. If you have any doubts, ask a local professional catering service for advice or help.




This is another essential ingredient of any successful party. Hiring a live band would be the best choice, if you aim for a lively atmosphere. The same applies for classic dance parties, the balls are always more impressive when your steps are dictated by professional musicians. On the other hand, if you prefer a quiet atmosphere where you and your guest will enjoy talking over a wonderful catering, a classical trio or quarter would perfectly fit.


Aces Up Your Sleeve


There are small additions to every deluxe party that truly make a difference. Obviously, small in their appearance, but not on the impact they make. One of them would be small presents that you will give your guests when they leave the party, carefully chosen books or CDs, for example. On the other hand, fire is always welcomed, whether it's warm and you just need to achieve the flaming appeal or it's a bit chilly and you do not want your guests to freeze. For example, Blazing Glass’s great range of fire pits will fit in perfectly and surely enhance the atmosphere of any outdoor party.




If you wish to make things a bit out of the ordinary, organize a theme party. For example, Victorian era inspired soiree or the Nine Muses night will surely be memorable and fun, while also being extravagant and deluxe at the same time. You will have a lot of details available to make a perfect atmosphere. On the other hand, easier to organize themes could be very extravagant. For example, a Mexican night is a sure winner. Naturally, all the above listed segments will have to be perfectly in spirit of the theme you chose.


It is all about being clever and thorough preparation. If you take it a step at a time and dedicate your fullest attention to every detail, you and your guests will surely have a night to remember with deluxe and extravaganza written all over it.

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