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August 2, 2019

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Sports Cars of the 60s

January 21, 2016

These are the Most Beautiful Luxury Sports Cars from the 1960s.


The 1960s were very important for the automotive industry. It was the decade when some truly essential advancement in the technology was made and it is also the decade when various manufacturers treated us to some timeless models which are considered luxury sports cars to this day. The following are the most beautiful among them.






Jaguar E Type


In the 1960s, the British manufacturer Jaguar treated us to one of the most gorgeous cars of all time. Enzo Ferrari himself always said that this was the most beautiful car ever made in his opinion and if he said that, it has to mean something. Jaguar E Type was not the fastest or the most reliable car, but to this day, it exudes luxury and style.


Ferrari 275 GTB


Ferrari also came out with a few timeless sports cars throughout the 1960s, but none more beautiful and luxurious than the Ferrari 275 GTB. The car was manufactured in a limited number and to this day, this is one of the most exclusive Ferrari's to own.


Chevrolet Corvette Coupe


Across the pond, Chevrolet came out with one of the cars that will become an American classic of the highest order – Chevrolet Corvette Coupe. For a car that was primarily built for speed, it is still a total beauty, with a timeless design which still wows everyone who sees it in person. We cannot imagine it going out of style ever.


Ferrari 250 GT California Spider


While we are on the subject of legendary 1960s luxury sports cars, no list would be complete without the Ferrari 250 GT California Spider, a car that is as beautiful as it is fast. Many aficionados will agree that this might actually be the most beautiful car ever made and whenever one of these cars appears on auctions these days, it fetches millions.


Toyota 2000GT


Up until the mid-60s, Japanese cars were not exactly famous for their design and their looks. It all changed in 1967 when Toyota came out with their 2000GT model, a car with obvious European influences and a look that turns heads to this day. It may not be as mainstream as some other cars on this list, but it is pure 60s sport luxury nevertheless.


1968 De Tomaso Mangusta


De Tomaso used to be a big player in Italian automotive industry, owning Maserati for almost 20 years. In 1968, they came out with their most incredible car yet, the Mangusta. They produced only 401 of these cars and it is estimated that around 250 of them are still in existence. It was and always will be one of the most beautifully designed sports car ever.


Aston Martin DB5


Aston Martin is definitely among those car manufacturers that always bring something new to the game, both in terms of performance and design and their 1963 DB5 model is to this day one of the most recognizable and breath-taking cars. It was made famous by James Bond, but even if it hadn't been, it would still be one of the most beautiful cars ever made.


Lamborghini Miura


When Lamborghini introduced its new model, the Miura at the 1966 Geneva show, it blew everyone's minds. It introduced a revolutionary mid-engine design, as well as the appearance that looks ahead of its time to this day. You might find it difficult to find a 60s Miura which will not be fickle and unpredictable, but no one can deny it is a total beauty.


In case you have money to spare and you want a bit of classic 1960s luxury in your life, any of the cars we talked about today would be a mistake. One important thing that we learned at TyreRight blog – you can easily get scammed when buying used cars. Considering the money you will be spending on these cars, this is something you will definitely want to avoid.


AUTHOR: James D. Burbank – BizzMarkBlog.


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